DCC buyout - Solictor needed



@skipper:- No everthing is always verbal, the only written items i have from council was the management company contract, their loan, (No mortgage Protetion policy information whatsoever). Naturally you get your end of year a/c, changes in interest rates. They are very particular about what they send in writing which is why they give you verbal curveballs, I mean for crying out loud, look at the amount of people who haven't got a banana about this!!! It is my take that all these contracts were signed "under undue influence".

@Tired Paul:- fair play for your feedback. Added to Skippers req, which solicitor did you use. I'm strongly thinking of challenging the state on this as opposed to going bankrupt. Have you seen these bankrupt cases? They're like soviet union showtrials! People who done nothing wrong being made an example of and thats because no one is challenging the state, any solicitor I asked to do so just puts their tail between their legs, they say its not worth it.


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Here's an idea, could you sell to a relative and then buy it back from them later to get rid of the clawback.

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Hi Madge,

Unfortunately Tired Paul has not frequented AAM since approx Oct 2016 so will most likely not get to see your message.