Becoming a better public speaker courses?

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    can anyone recommend courses aimed at improving ones ability as a public speaker?
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    Toast Masters. Look up for a local one.

    Used to really hate public speaking myself. I found the best way to get over it was to practice the speech/ presentation so many times that I knew it by heart. As you know the flow of the speech, you know if you say a few words differently, you can get back on track quickly. It also presents better. Been to tons of conferences over the years and there's nothing worse than a speaker who is literally reading off the page in front of them or constantly looking at the screen to read their presentation instead of their audience.

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    i agree, have spent the last week at our global strategy meetings and the difference between the good and bad speakers is night and day, this year i didnt have to speak but it reminded me how uncomfortable i am, and how it must be for those watching so this is the year i do something about it!
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    The company I work for got the communications clinic to come onsite to deliver a presentation skills course. They video you giving a presentation and play it back to you which is critiqued by you and your peers. I found this very good as it highlights what you did right and wrong such as not looking at your audience, taking too fast not using hand gestures.