Anyone refused a switcher?


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Sorry if I’m posting in the wrong area.

So I’m a BOI customer with 3% fixed up in September. I was looking to switch to Ulster Banks 2.3% rate.

I have 27 years left with a balance of €128000 with the house worth somewhere between €230000 and €250000. I haven’t missed any payments or have any loans.

So basically UB said because I have 3 kids now and my wife is on a four day parental leave they won’t take me on.

What they said was their calculations were €105000 or so and they could only do it if I extended the term.


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You just don't fit the income criteria now with your financial situation and dependents. Take the longer term and just pay whatever the repayments would be on the shorter term and it will finish as normal within the shorter term, basically overpaying. Assuming that is you can overpay on that rate, is it fixed?

The only disadvantage to this option is you will have to have mortgage protection for the new term chosen but for most people with standard underwriting that won't be a big extra cost.