AIB AIB - who has appealed the €1650 /3.67% issue?


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Rang AIB for appeals pack last Wednesday, they said they’d send it out by email, still no email! Downloaded the form on this site and sent it by registered post Friday, got confirmation yesterday from an post that it was delivered. Thanks for all your help and how easy you made the whole process,

Elaine Kearns

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Hi Brendan,

Thanks for the info. I have submitted my appeal and am awaiting the reply.

Can anyone tell me the next step if the appeal is declined?

dublin - 1

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If a customer does not appeal in the one year rule, will this rule the customer out of been compensated if a decision is made against AIB?
If you appeal and your appeal is rejected, you can then complain to the Ombudsman.
By that time, there will be an active High Court case on the issue.
I would expect the Ombudsman to pause all cases until the High Court rules.
If the High Court finds in favour of the borrower, I would expect the Ombudsman to follow that.

If you don't appeal, you can't go to the Ombudsman as you will be time barred.
If we win the High Court case, you will have no legal mechanism for getting your tracker back.
The Central Bank might tell AIB to redress all 6,000 customers, but I would not rely on it.

That is why I want everyone to appeal.



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I submitted mine last week. We had a reply this morning saying they were forwarding the details to AIB.


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Submitted it last week also having come across Brendan's post, downloaded form from the link too. Thanks very much.


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I got a letter from BDO yesterday stating that the appeal is still receiving attention and is currently with the Bank for review.

Anyone else getting this type of update. This would be only 3 or 4 weeks since we submitted the appeal, and had already got our confirmation/reference number.


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Appealed 4 weeks ago on basis that I asked was I affected by the tracker issue prior to forced voluntary sale.... and was told no in a letter (letter now missing from Aib files) though my letter asking question is included. I possibly have it in files! waiting on AIB to come back to BDO. Lots of missing letters from FOI request had to ask twice for most important items, hopefully hear something soon


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Posted our letter after following your advise last Tuesday. Havent heard anything yet. We were offered a tracker in 2007, chose a fixed 3 year and then offered only fixed and variable in 2010. When we spoke with aib they said they didn't see anything wrong with their offering and our case wasn't flagged as potential compensation or investigation so they considered the matter closed on their side.