AIB AIB - who has appealed the €1650 /3.67% issue?

I would like to get a list of the people who have actually submitted appeals and where they stand. Could you respond to this with an update please.

Decided by Appeals Panel
DerekC - appeal rejected by appeals panel

Submitted but no decision yet
DunneD - submitted appeal on . Still responding to AIBs points
Neverever - submitted appeal on - response from AIB received Jan 2019
Karen B
Milkof Submitted July 2018


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Hi Brendan, I submitted an appeal on 1st August 2018. Responded to AIB's second response to my appeal on 10th Dec 2018. On 2nd January received a reply from BDO saying my appeal is still under review.



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I had engaged a soliciter to look into this for us last year. The had sent all my info to an accutry to assess....the accutry had briefly looked over it but has said there are not enough cases of this sort with an outcome. To look into it in more detail it will cost €1000...not sure what step to take next. Im conscious that time is running out..what are people doing taking the tracker rate at 3.67 or staying on the variable? Have not filled in the appeal pack..should I?


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I feel we were hard done by and was going to appeal on the grounds that we were going through a bad financial time...job loss. We always paid interest only under agreement with the bank and we were offered and took a split mortgage which has added 8 years on to our mortgage and a lump sum payment at the end..had we been into the low rate tracker we may not of had to do this!


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Hi, submitted appeals form today. Thanks a million to Brendan for the form filling instructions.


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Submitted appeal late last year, rejected, know 3 more people who are sending this week as they saw it in the media over the weekend, great work Brendan, keep it up!!!


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Submitted the appeal a couple of weeks back, I never would of only for a random conversation had me google AIB prevailing rate when I was explaining the cheque I received to someone I thought it was done and dusted then found the post here on how to appeal! Huge thanks to Brendan for his efforts on this.

Caragh Girl

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We submitted our appeal on 28th Feb and received a letter from BDO last Friday stating that they had received it.

Well done to Brendan for all the great work in getting this issue out into the public domain.

Kevin Daly

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Still waiting on appeal pack sent letter to BDO for extension last week they said they have received the letter and they have forward the letter to the Chair Person so hopefully I will get it in this week as I said earlier I made a complaint last year through my branch manager got one letter back stating they would be contact did hear anything since.