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    AAM Askaboutmoney (Occasionally AAB and AMM)
    afaik as far as i know
    AML - Anti Money Laundering
    ARF Approved Retirement Fund

    BOGOF - Buy One, Get One Free (here)
    BOI - Bank of Ireland
    btw by the way

    CC - Credit Card (it also means to copy an email to someone)
    COB - Close of Business (here)

    DH - dear husband
    DW - dear wife
    DD - Direct Debit

    EA - Estate Agent
    ECB - European Central Bank
    EFT - Electronic Funds Transfer
    ETF - Exchange Traded Fund

    FA - First Active
    FT/PT - Full Time/Part Time
    FWIW For what it is worth
    ftb first time buyer
    fyi for your information

    hth hope this helps

    ICB - Irish Credit Bureau
    IIRC - If I Recall Correctly" - took me a while to work it out! Used here.
    imo in my opinion
    imho in my humble opinion
    IMNAL - I Am Not A Lawyer, my personal favourite (here)
    INBS - Irish Nationwide Building Society
    IPSO - Irish Payment Services Organisation

    LTV - Loan to Value
    lol(and most things beginning with l) laughing out loud
    LOS - Letting Off Steam

    NSC - National Sort Code
    NIB - National Irish Bank
    NR - Northern Rock
    NSC - National Sort Code

    OO - Owner Occupier
    OP - Original Poster (this is a pretty key one and is used frequently)
    OT - Off topic
    OTT - Over the top

    prsa Personal Retirement Savings Account

    RIP - Residential Investment Property
    rofl (and most things beginning with R) Rolling on the floor laughing
    RS - Rent Supplement
    RS - Regular Savings
    RSA - Regular Saver Account

    SAHM/SAHD - Stay At Home Mum/Dad (here)
    SD - Stamp Duty
    SO - Standing Order
    SO - significant other [either gender]
    SW - Social Welfare
    SSIA Special Savings Incentive Account ( No longer in use)
    STB Shooting the Breeze Nonsense forum on Askaboutmoney

    T&Cs - Terms & Conditions
    TRS - Tax relief at source

    UB - Ulster Bank
    UDA - Unfair Dismissals Act(s)

    VI - Vested Interest
    VRT - Vehicle Registration Tax

    WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get (here)

    YMMV - your mileage may vary
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    Re: Abbreviations in common use on Askaboutmoney

    Please add acronyms you find on Askaboutmoney and an explanation if you know what they mean.

    It would be great to provide a link to a post showing its use.

    If you can put them in alphabetical order when posting, it makes my job of incorporating them into the first post much easier.

    This thread is for reference use - it is not meant to entertain, so please don't post rubbish.


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    - Irish Payment Services Organisation
    ETF - Exchange Traded Fund
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    This is meant for abbreviations used on Askaboutmoney. It is not meant to be a guide to every acronym used anywhere, ever.

    If we put in every single abbreviation ever used, the list would be too long.

    So don't take offence if I omit your suggestion from the list.

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    SPC 100

    Thanks for going to so much trouble. I had not noticed these terms in use on Askaboutmoney. In particular YMMV seems to mean almost anything. I have added them to the list.

    Incidentally, I would have omitted VI myself, but it would only have started another thread of conspiracy theories that we were denying the existing of VIs.

  6. GeneralZod

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    As it happens EFT is also used

    EFT - Electronic Funds Transfer
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    Thanks for taking the time to make out the list of abbreviations etc. Brendan and other posters. Very helpful indeed. Meant to post this earlier.
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