Ulster €3000 offered after redress appeal


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Hi All,

after 9 years being on the incorrect rate, Ulster Bank re-instated my ECB+1.15, refunded me what i over paid over 9 years and threw a compensation of about €3000 (for my troubles) which was deemed sufficient (by them) since and i quote "i was never in areas". this is the biggest insult. They never took into considerations that the reason why i was not in areas was because I had to make sacrifices.

I appealed this decision and again they are willing to throw another 3Gs and that's it. I still don't think this is sufficient. If i accept the 3Gs the condition is that i cannot make further appeal. I have consulted legal people (friends) who tell me that the bank has recognized twice that they have been wrong and that is sure ground for a case.

Does anyone have an opinion, perhaps someone has gone further?

Many thanks in advance


Brendan Burgess

Why don't you set out your case here and we will give you a second (and third and fourth) opinion?

You keep the first €3k whatever happens.

If you go to the Ombudsman , it won't cost you anything. If he awards you nothing, you lose the additional €3k.

But there is a fairly good chance that the Ombudsman will award you something.

You have 6 months to decide. So wait a few months as the Ombudsman will soon be publishing his decisions on trackers and you might get some guidance there.



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Was that the upper or lower panel? If you don't mind me asking, had you been able to provide much proof of loss?


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Hi Brendan
I've a vested interest in another UB related thread but not much comments happening on it. Can you advise or point me in the direction of where I can find more information about when the ombudsman is publishing decisions on trackers. I am an ex ub staff member and a serious vested interest and at a bit of a loss where to go next. Least if I can understand expectations my mind would be somewhat at ease
Many thanks and apologies for jumping onto this thread when not related