You&Your Money Expo Cork: very quiet but TICN exhibit was interesting.

Discussion in 'Investments' started by janedoe06, Sep 24, 2007.

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    did any one drop into the expo in cork over the weekend

    reason why i'm asking is that i went on the saturday and it was very quiet
    but there was one investment company there
    that sounded too good to be true ?

    where over 5 years - you would become part of an investment group of 20 people who would each invest 100 a month over 5 years into this fund-
    u would get a mentor etc and who would give u advice on how to trade on the stock exchange -
    i went to a seminar on it called Investment Club Network on the saturday

    does any one have dealings with this club its called Investment Club Network

    i think that they would take from the fund either 1.5 or 2.5 % from the club each year

    all the profits mentioned was all listed in compound interest
    so projected returns they were quoting were up to 60% a Year
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    Re: You&Your Money Expo cork opinions


    There are many threads on these guys.
    What part of it sounds too good to be true?

    YOu pay alot in fees,plus alot for educational seminars,plus TICN are the 20th shareholder who dont pay in put get to keep 5% of the money at the end. They arent promising returns of 60%, they are letting you know whats possible,just as losses of 100% are possible.
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    Re: You&Your Money Expo cork opinions

    They were promising returns on what i mentioned at the presentation they held at the expo

    They did give the pricing of the seminars too

    But made it seem v simple on how if u had the right advise of a mentor been them - or their appointed mentor- that u would be reaching the levels i mentioned

    Thanks for your comments though
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    Search TICN here and you will get plenty of hits.

    This TICN (The Investment Club Network) includes quiet a tour de force from poster RedJoker.

    Ive changed your title somewhat to more fully reflect your question.