You can watch the Central Bank at the Oireachtas Finance Committee now


We are at the crystalisation stage now. We will have to move on to the next stage i.e. telling them to write to their customers telling them that they are not affected.



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Those two banks (we all know who they are )to come back to CB by the end of the month
"change of mind (by the banks) is the best procedure
Change your mind or move on (so those customers in these banks that are impacted are being forced to go to the Ombudsman/court)
we are going to press hard on that, as short a time frame as possible"

Two institutions suggested as BOI and KBC. Lane will not confirm they are the two being discussed.

The CB has the power to bring a legal case but confirm its a lengthy process they are asking the bank to write to each individual those the banks claim are not impacted it is therefore up to the customers to go the Ombudsman or court (so in other words CB doing nothing even though they are aware all these people are impacted)
That is not a fair process for those thousands of people involved with these two banks deemed impacted by the Central Bank.

I was under the impression the CENTRAL BANK that had the FINAL SAY here not these two banks!

Then she goes on she realizes the difficulty of going to court and mentions a supreme court decision previous (enforcement case).


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Mr. McGuinness doesn't have faith in that bank (KBC) that blanked brazenly the Irish Parliament in the Oireactas recently !

Im afraid the CB have failed the customers of these two banks.

Mr. Lane mentions "many customers' will receive redress and compensation, but it is clear he has no intention of doing anything about those customers that the CB deem impacted by these two banks (BOI and KBC).

The Cb has told them just to "relook' before the end of the month maybe they will change their mind.

OMG I'm pulling my hair out!!!


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lunch time now, feel like I've just wasted my morning watching this, yes its drawing it all out, yes they are "dealing" with the issues, me, I'm an affected customer, I'm still none the wiser on my case. My bank balance is the miserable same as it was this morning.

My issue is the prevailing rate, and while they admitted it is in the scope of the investigation, its most likely to be a FSO and Courts matter, none of which I have the strength or endurance for anymore, the central bank are still failing ..........
They are back now.

Pearse starts it...

How much will this cost? I estimate it will be around €300m?

Lane: That is a reasonable estimate

Pearse: If we closed our lives, we could think that it's Patrick Neary before us.

Governor Lane, the banks are taking a hand to ye. Because you are a dog which refuses to bark, never mind bite.
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Pearse: I spoke to someone who was repossessed in January 2016 and he is now being told that he is in the review. The property is lying empty. That flies in the face of what you have told us.

Rowland: That should not have happened.

Pearse: Maybe our expectations are too high, but if you need additional powers, we will give them to you.

Rowland: The examination is completely separate from the enforcement. The enforcement investigations will follow their own peculiar... particular path.
McGrath: Have any of the institutions threatened legal action?

Rowland: Not formally - but there was discussion about the powers

Our most powerful tool is transparency - publication. Reputation is very important. Publishing the outcome in as much detail as possible is very important.
Rose Conway Walsh: Did you find any dissenting voices in your investigations of the bank? Did any of the executives challenge what was being done to tracker mortgage holders?

Rowland: (struggling) . That would be an evidence issue relating to the sanctions investigation, so I can't answer it. (Sounds to me that they did find it, but can't say so..)


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R Conway hitting at lack of communication etc by Banks

Rowland says instructions issued to improve. Don't see any evidence of this⁉


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Where FSO has previously decided ❓

Rowland unaware whether or not customer can go again to FSO. ❓ They nerd to work jointly and clarify roles

K O Donnell now.....


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J McGuinness now

Further confusion on Phase 2 dates. Most sumbiitted in 2016.CB assurance process.

CB had Phase 2 reports all year. What have they done....

Analysis ongoing it appears.Push back‼


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Still J McGuinness

Communication from Banks..missing paper work recordings

CB have advised Banks to find in customer favour.
Multiple internal Accounts❓ Appears to happen. Shadow accounts❓

Am I alone here⁉