Wrong change twice from a new employee in a retail place


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I got the wrong change twice off the same employee in a small retail place, family owned.
I let it slide because she was new to the place and I didn't want to get her in trouble.
Both times were less than a euro each time.
I came face to face again with her at the cash register this evening and I gave her exact change plus a tenner and told her the change.
I suppect she may be dyslexic with numbers. She seems like a great employee otherwise.
I'll have to make sure to have exact change visiting in future.


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I presume there's a cash register used, if so they show what change the customer should get. I've actually had this happen a good few times but has always been remedied. Only once had I a bigger problem when I didn't check my change in a big drapery store until I got home. Gave a €50 note to the cashier, got a receipt for a €19.99 purchase, was given my change plus receipt, stuffed it into my pocket and home where I realised I only got €10.01 in change. Back to the shop, receipt in hand to the same cashier who was still on her shift but remembered me, told her my problem, she immediately closed her desk and called a manager who did a tot check on the till, etc. After about 15 mins I was told there was a discrepancy on the tot of aprox €20.00 and if I came back the following day they would refund me. They couldn't do it until the following day because of Company rules. I didn't mind and accept it was partly my fault, the following day I was given my €20 refund + a voucher for the same amount. Decided there and then to spend the voucher and because of the nice honest way I was treated gave the cashier a small carton of Irish roses from my purchases. All happy and was all worth it for the smile she gave.