Working in financial services with bad credit rating

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  1. zxcvbnm

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    can anyone tell me please if I have a bad credit rating does this impact my ability to work in the financial services sector?

    I've a feeling it may but I am not sure.

    I'm an IT contractor and most of my experience is for banks etc.

    (Have nearly 0.5 million residual debt leftover from sale is investment properties. I assume this has by now been lodged with icb by my bank. Negotiations broke down last year with trying to do an informal deal)
  2. Jim Stafford

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    If you are an employee you need to read your employment contract and staff hand book very carefully.

    If you are working in IT, you are unlikely to be in a "Controlled Function" which is subject to a very strict regime. Please read the following link for a better understanding of what is a "Controlled Function"

    If you are in independent contractor you are unlikely to have issues, particularly if you use a limited company to provide your services.

    Jim Stafford
  3. thedaddyman

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    potentially yes it will as it is standard practice for a credit review done as part of a pre-employment screening. Be careful though if you are in independent contractor, it's possible in the small print of your contract is a requirement that you meet certain standards and if there ever was an issue and they asked to see a rating for you, it could give them a reason to exit you from the role