Woodstown, Knocklyon - how is it now?

Discussion in 'Location, Location, Location' started by secondchance, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. secondchance

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    Myself and herself have just paid a deposit on a second hand house in woodstown. (unfortunately for us it was the only house on our shortlist that had any interest so we didnt get too much of a deal on it)

    Anyway, wanted to suss out what the area is like now in terms of traffic, faclilities and public transport? Is it any better than what is was like a few years ago?

    We both work in and around town and driving to work is the only option for me.

    Opinions on the area etc would be appreicated! :)
  2. truthseeker

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    Yikes - traffic can be desperate in the mornings with the M50 traffic, but to be honest its calmed down a bit recently. Theres a new road that allows you to bypass the M50 traffic by going over the mountain and coming back down on the far side of Knocklyon.

    A lovely area though and there IS a new bus route up past woodstown.
  3. colsku

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    I drive into Pearse Street on a motorbike every morning from Firhouse.

    I leave my house at 0820 and I'm in for 0855.

    I used to get the 74 bus at 0715 and be in for 0815, but if I left any later i'd be in just short of 0900.

    I have no idea how long it takes in a car, but it would be the guts of an hour I'd say.

    The only advice I can give you is to get yourself a scooter or motorbike and beat the traffic.

    I started 3 months ago, during the crappy weather and it hasn't put me off. I have wet pants and a jacket (both from skiing) so i just wear these over my suit.

    As far as the area is concerned, it seems very nice. There's a sh1tload of housing gone up around that area but the people seem to be a generally good lot. Your neighbours Knocklyon and Firhouse are also very respectable!

    Good luck with everything!
  4. Luckycharm

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    Woodstown is really nice with a nice park as well. It is busy in the morning like the other poster I travel via scooter and takes about 30mins into town.
    There are buses as well 74 and 74A up the road, you can walk down to the 49 or 15 as well if you needed to.
    The shops are a nightmare for parking but there is a Superquinn (v expensive) and a Supervalue nearby.
    Living around there 4 years love the area, lots of parks nearby Bushy, tymon, marley etc Mountains 2 mins up the road.
    The have actually stopped building in the Dalriada up the road and not much happening in Stockingwood.
    Colmcilles school is very good as well.
  5. liaconn

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    Traffic at the Woodstown roundabout is a nightmare in the mornings. Someone who lives there told me that some people get up really early in the morning, drive their car down to the shopping centre before the traffic has built up and park there , then go back and have their breakfast before walking back down past the by now dreadful traffic, getting back into their car and heading off to work. Some people even leave their cars at the shops overnight apparently.
  6. fredg

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    i live in hunterswood,next door to woodstown,
    love the area,hope ye're v happy there.new bus route,
    which i've heard is v frequent.
    as a matter of interest does anyone know if Dalriada is selling??
    seems like none are going??
  7. secondchance

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    i heard that was the case over a year ago but hasnt a new road bypassing the m50 been opened or something? Is the traffic still as bad?
  8. Luckycharm

    Luckycharm Frequent Poster

    Traffic is not as bad as it was now there is the new road.
    They have pretty much stopped building up in Dalriada and not much seems to be happening in Stockingwood either.
  9. kobam

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    Read my posting to Sophie01. It gives an insight to Knocklyon - Woodfield Estate. For more information pls let me know.
    Traffic might be erratic but you have some avenues to take out of the area not really bad as proclaimed.
    good luck
  10. liaconn

    liaconn Frequent Poster

    Your post to Sophie 01 referred to Woodfield. Woodstown is a different estate, at the top of the Ballycullen Road. The roundabout is chok a blok in the mornings.
  11. LBUS

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    I have been living in Woodstown since August. The traffic from October to the mid term in February was mental - particularly on a Tuesday and Wednesday morning. I drive to work in town and i had to leave the house at 7.20am to be in work for 9am. Since the end of January / start of February i have been leaving much later - 7.50 / 7.55am.
  12. deedee80

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    have a relative interested in buying in the area. It looks very nice but seems to be an awful lot of for sale signs, and currently 14 houses listed on myhome.ie. This seems like a lot. Would anyone know of any reason for this?
  13. Luckycharm

    Luckycharm Frequent Poster

    It is a big estate and like the rest of Dublin Houses are selling v slowly.
    FOr example in my estate just up the road, when the last phase Launched about 2 years ago at the highest prices - people queued for 10 days if you did not queue for 4 days you would not get a house. Now there must be 10-15 houses for sale up there. There is one down the road from me on the market for over a year- 18 months ago that would have been sold within 6 weeks!
  14. kerdub

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    I live in Woodstown. On our road there were 2 houses up for sale for about 3-4 months. In previous years, houses were selling within days/weeks. Then last week - sale agreed on both. Woodstown is a nice safe, area and a good mature estate, but IMO the houses sure aren't worth the asking prices (the 3 bed semis). Some driveways are tiny, there is no storage space and unfortunately the walls are not thick enough - at times, we can hear our neighbours. On the plus side, location is good and proximity to the M50, Dublin mountains/marlay park/dundrum town centre is great.
  15. deedee80

    deedee80 Frequent Poster

    Noticed on the web today a couple of good reductions for this estate, a few for 479,950.00
  16. Dazz

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    Interestingly we are moving out of this estate. Worryingly we are unable to sell our house in Woodstown. We had it on marlet for 8 months and the agent kept pushing us to lower the price which we reluctantly did but to little avail. We eventually hit 370K for a 4 bed semi in Woodstown estate D16. The issue is that you can get houses in better areas for the same money as woodstown. The boomtimes are over and property is not moving in this area. Good luck to you all the same.
  17. setesh

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    Did you bite thier hand off :)
    You did bloody well. There is a 4 bed in Moyville going for €289k.