Why no mention of that "bankrupcty"

Discussion in 'Letting Off Steam' started by NOAH, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. DerKaiser

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    Yes it does. It closed its UK operations, got a €738m state injection and hopefully we are now left with a viable operation.

    It may have been a good business that was mismanaged (by Quinn) in its later years, but make no mistake it was heading in a very dangerous direction before Matthew Elderfield stepped in.
  2. csirl

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    Quinn always portrayed himself as an Irish businessman - someone who was proud to be Irish. It looks like this was all a ruse. Now that he's bankrupt, he's suddenly become a British person with no connections to Ireland and no interest in having his situation handled by Irish law.
  3. T McGibney

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    As I outlined earlier in this thread Quinn has always portrayed himself, first and foremost, as a Fermanagh man - and the BBC agree.

    Although most nationalists in Northern Ireland count themselves as Irish, the fact that they pay British taxes and are subject to British laws doesn't mean that they are British.

    Quinn has lived in the Republic for many years but paradoxically his company's corporate HQ has always remained in Derrylin. The personal/corporate tax residence experts are going to have a field day with his case.
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    yeah and all his accounts were submitted in the north!!