AIB Why are there so few appeals against the AIB tracker redress?


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I agree everyone should appeal.

The delay might be because people are awaiting the final documents.

Even though aib restored people aib are slow sending out the final calculations.


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Does it seem strange to people by June this year that AIB only had 117 Appeals cases against their redress? I got the number from this article:

I would have thought that most people who have an issue with the process/outcome would be lodging an appeal, and 117 seems like a very low number.
In my opinion, people won't bother, they will think it's to much hassle and think the 1615.00 is the best they will get.

Brendan Burgess

There are two issues here.

1) The 5,700 people on 3.65% should appeal. Only a tiny number has - I think 20 was mentioned at the AIB AGM.

2) Most of those who have got back their trackers are happy with the 15% compensation which was paid automatically.

It was the same with ptsb. Despite all the complaints , very few actually lodged an appeal. But then the people who were happy with the compensation don't come on line or go on TV to say that they are happy.



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I think a lot of Aib customers are sitting on the fence. My conversation with CB over two weeks ago telling me the inspection is not finished and maybe end of year before it is. New story's are found every week and are expecting more . The FSO are waiting for a flood of complaints relating to tracker scandal after my phone call to that office.We will be waiting till CB is complete with Aib and will continue to engage with PK and take his advice. I urge all affected customer to pursue what is entitled to them.


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Very few might have lodged an appeal on the basis that what was required to be done was beyond most people.
Similar to FSOP if you did not even understand what you could appeal on then you had very little chance of success.
I recall startling 'success' rates if 10% with FSOP.
Mr Kissane is one of those that has had success.


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Does anyone know where we stand so far? Or if we have a leg to stand on. AIB surly can't prove that their tracker mortgage was 7% which is why they never offered it?