Why are my pre 1991 contributions to my pension treated differently?

Discussion in 'Pensions' started by Laramie, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. Laramie

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    Why is there no statutory revaluation of my pension before 1991?

    It seems the cash sum in my deferred DB pension before 1991 is just sitting there and not earning it's keep. The cash sum after 1991 seems to be earning something.

    Also when calculating the tax free lump sum that I am entitled to receive the calculations are also based on pre 1991 amounts and post 1991 amounts.
  2. SBarrett

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    The laws given under the Pensions Act 1990 came into effect.

  3. Conan

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    Under the Pensions Act 1990 all deferred pensions earned after 1991 have to be re-valued ( so as to maintain the real value during the period of deferment and before they start to be paid). But there is no obligation on DB schemes to re-value pension earned prior to 1991. The re-valuation provisions were not retrospective.