Which airport - Amsterdam or Dusseldorf?

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  1. Marie

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    Can anyone advise! I will be attending a week-long symposium in Coesfeld, Munster, Germany in June. I've never been to Germany and don't know whether it's best to fly to Amsterdam Schippol or to Dusseldorf. Can anyone advise, and which airlines are best/cheapest?
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    A quick glance at the site - www.kreis-coesfeld.de/english/index.htm - indicates that Hanburg or Cologne might be better bets.

    A week long conference (if there are a large number of people going) is likely to have a reasonably large tourist info section, so your best bet might be to get in touch with the organisers and ask them about the best airports to fly to.

    Also have a look at www.bahn.de (and select the English version) to see how you can get from the airport to the city. This is the website of DB (German Railways) and is one of the best overland route planners around, even for non-German routes.

  3. Marie

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    Amsterdam or Dusseldorf?

    Zag - thank you so much for these links; I'll get browsing.
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    Amsterdam or Dusseldorf? Neither

    Fly Ryanair to Charleroi, bus from Charleroi airport to Charleroi train station and then train ex Charleroi via Bruxelles Midi to Coesfeld
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    Amsterdam or Dusseldorf? Neither.....!

    Dear WDL - This looks promising. Do you know approximately how long it takes from Charleroi Airport to Coesfeld via Brussels Midi? I am travelling on Monday, hoping to get to hotel at reasonable time for a 7.00am breakfast next morning as the symposium actually starts at 8.00 with a Social Dreaming Matrix (yummy!)