where to get a loan of €80,000

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    alright this is my fist message, i would like to any some advice i have to get a loan of 80,000 i'm 21 with 8000 savings and my parents said they will sign for the loan anyone know what is the best way to go about it.
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    Are you in current employment? If so what length of time are you looking to take the loan out over? Calculate the repayments using loan calculator. If you can meet the repayments factoring in any other outgoings then approach your bank and see what they say. I cannot see it being a big problem unless everything is not in place.
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    What is it for? property? car?
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    With that sort of Money and supportive parents, you should be able to raise the funds...although this depends on your reason for borrowing but more importantly, your ability to repay!

    First off...try the Institution that your parents or you use...be in Bank or Credit Union or whatever...they'll give you a questionnaire to fill out and it will give you a good idea about the sorts of questions everybody will ask you..

    I'm a firm believer in shopping around, so before you commit, get alternative quotes via a broker.

    and good luck!