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Discussion in 'Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)' started by andy, Dec 23, 2004.

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    Where on the net can i see a list of ETF, iShares & QQQ shares - to see their symbol no. & their underlying companies. What exchange can they be bought on - I want to trade in €euro - no currency risk. What stockbroker can be used for this. Can they be bought on the Irish exchange.
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    Anything useful in this stuff copied from another thread?

    I was advised reciently to investigate an item called QQQ or tripple Qs, my understanding is that it can be purchased like a stock and it follows the NASDAQ top 100 companies.

    Can anyony give me further information? and, have any of you purchased this as part of your portfolio?

    Many Thanks,

    Dearg Doom

    See here. See Chapter 6 of The Guide for some discussion.

    The QQQ is now called the QQQQ. You can buy the QQQQ just like buying a Dell, Pfizer, IBM share etc. The QQQ is a composite share based on the index of 100 companies. You can get a quote for it juts like any other share in Yahoo Finance.

    The QQQQ is optionalble with a wide range of strike prices.


    Do a search for information on Exchange Traded Funds/ETFs for more information on how the likes of "the Qs" work.
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    Had a look there Clubman. No great help. Does anyone know if they can be bought on the Irish exchange or which euroland exchanges. To buy online, I need to know the symbol no. - where can I get a list of symbol numbers.
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    Does anyone know if they can be bought on the Irish exchange or which euroland exchanges

    I don't know of any ETFs traded on the ISE. Not sure about other European exchanges though. Note that with certain ETFs even if they are tradeable in €s they may still be fundamentally linked to the US$ or mainly US based companies (e.g. QQQQ is a NASDAQ index ETF so even if you can buy it in €s this may not eliminate exchange rate risks). Perhaps you are looking for € denominated ETFs?
  5. andy

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    Spot on Clubman - € denominated ETF's, is what I am looking for - where to find a list of them?
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    I think that there are ETFs based on the EuroSTOXX indices available if that's of any use. Apart from that I'd be inclined to try Google.
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    Thanks Clubman. Looked at management charges charged by some of the providers & they range from .6 to 1%. Index funds provided by Quinn, New Ireland (Smartfunds), & Hibernian have nearly as low charges & less hassle.
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    check out, they also have an info section.
    I use sharewatch to trade, but any execution only service should do.
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    Do Sharewatch trade on the Euronext exchanges. I looked for iShares Stoxx 50 ETF, ISIN No. IE0008470928, on their web site & it didnt appear.
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    Try - There is a good bit of info on ETF's

    Also have a look at the online brokers, and

    Going back 12 months, there used to be a fairly extensive discussion on this board about ETF's but it seems to have disappeared.
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    Re: etf

    This week's Sunday Tribune reports that BIAM are about to release an ETF for the ISEQ at 0.5% per annum management fee, which will certainly create some interesting competition for Quinn Life's Celtic Freeway fund (1% p.a.). The article referred to stamp duty savings, but I presume that stamp duty still applies to each buy/sell transaction within the fund, so there wouldn't really be any savings, would there?
  12. andy

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    Very interesting about BIAM ETF. Any more info on when available on ISE - is there just one ETF or a choice. I think normal stamp duty will be payable.
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    Re: ETF

    AFAIK, Iseq ETF will be available before end of March. While ETF is bought like other shares, the investor doesn't pay any stamp duty. Not sure if the ETF itself has to pay stamp duty on the shares it is tracking. There'll only be one Iseq ETF and it's not the entire index, just the top 20 most liquid stocks. ETF tracking the S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, FTSE 100 and Euro Stoxx 50 have been around for some time.
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    ETF tracking the S&P 500,Nasdaq 100, FTSE 100 and Euro Stoxx 50 have been around for some time.

    Moneybags -AFAIK these cant be bought on ISEQ. If bought on London exchange, what are the pro's & con's re sterling conversion cost, future risk exposure to sterling exchange rate, what stockbroker to use, Irish or UK etc.
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    Re: >>>Where to buy ETF, iShares & QQQ shares

    You can buy Eurostoxx 50 on the Paris Stock exchange, via any Irish stockbroker. The fund sponsor is LYXOR, which is part of the Societe Generale Bank group. simong
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    Re: >>>Where to buy ETF, iShares & QQQ shares

    And what are the management charges for Eurostoxx 50?
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    Re: >>>Where to buy ETF, iShares & QQQ shares

    Andy, the currency risk lies with respect to the currency which the underlying shares are denominated in and not with Sterling as the prices of the ETFs will move to compensate for currency movements. For QQQQs, you are exposed to dollar risk but for the EuroSTOXX, you don't have any currency risk. You do have conversion costs 'though.
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    Re: Key Post: Where to buy ETF, iShares & QQQ shares


    If anyone is still interested, could look at German outfit Indexchange at They provide quite a list of ETFs, mostly based on Euro-zone, US and UK indices/sectors. Davy online already list a few of these in their "tradables" listing in their help section, and one of these was added free of charge at my request.

    A nice thing about these ETFs is that the Indexchange website allows instant access to current price/activity levels, as well as providing historical charts. There is an English Language Option.

    Beware there may be some charges/fees associated with holding these instruments because they are not Irish/UK, depending on your broker.
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    Re: Key Post: Where to buy ETF, iShares & QQQ shares

    The also has info on ETFs listed on the Euronext exchanges. See on the left-hand side, under Trackers & Structured Funds
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    Re: Key Post: Where to buy ETF, iShares & QQQ shares


    Just wondering if anybody could clarify the tax treatment of ETF bought on the London Stock Exchange?

    All very confusing