When will the FSO determine that the Tracker examination is complete?

Discussion in 'The Financial Services Ombudsman' started by mccoypat94, May 22, 2018.

  1. mccoypat94

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    I wish to bring a case to the FSO against KBC, I believe (and have been advised) that I have a case worth pursuing.
    I have my final rejection letter from KBC , however the FSO say you can log a compliant but it wont be dealt with until the completion of the review!
    As far as I can see KBC believe that they have completed the review. Why the indefinate wait for people?
    Anybody else come up agianst this?
  2. Duggie

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    I have a complaint logged as well, but am with a different bank.

    Unfortunately my bank, Danske, is still being reviewed by the CBI, so I am in limbo.

    Have you spoken to anyone in the Ombudsmans office? They are generally helpful. Does your final rejection letter confirm that KBCs position is in line with the CBIs?
  3. peemac

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    Kbc say they have completed the examination, but the Central Bank are still doing final checks.

    The recent central bank tracker update will give more information.
  4. IdesofMarch

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    When the Central Bank of Ireland state that the review is completed, then the FSO will examine individual cases.
  5. TrackerThieves

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    I am dealing with EBS they were meant to be completed by December 2017. When i rang in December i was told it was being extended till March then i was told it would be June. I rang this week and they suggested they will not be complete by the end of the month. this is also after a 9 month wait while they investigated my case after patiently waiting while i received the usual monthly letters. Is it the central bank that is still investigating? or is it the individual banks that are not completed and extending the deadlines. They seem to keep breaking deadline after deadline without penalty.
  6. Banking17

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    Anybody know if next Central Bank update is due this month❓
  7. Duggie

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    I think it’s out next week.....