What/What Not to Buy at Lidl/Aldi

Discussion in 'Supermarket shopping' started by DrMoriarty, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. flowerman

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    Fully Iced Christmas Cakes in both Lidl and Aldi for 10 euro.But both are a good bit smaler in sizel when compared to the bigger Christmas Cake in Dunnes Stores for the same price.
    The Aldi teabags (160 for 1 euro 90 cents) are quite nice,my wife couldnt taste the difference between them and the usual Lyons that she allways buys.
  2. flowerman

    flowerman Guest

    Celebrations,Roses and Quality Street are 4 euro 95 cents per tub in Aldi at the moment.

    Over 1 euro cheaper than Tesco per tub.
  3. monagt

    monagt Frequent Poster

    Same as Dunnes
  4. PatrickJ

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    Very cheap, but I find the firelighters at Aldi to be useless and do not hold a flame for more than a few minutes at best.
  5. flowerman

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    Multi Function adjustable ladder in Aldi at the moment,reduced to 40 euro.
    It was 90 euro.
  6. flowerman

    flowerman Guest

    Yep the Aldi ones are not that great.They dont last very long.
    Just before Christmas Tesco were selling boxes of BnM Singles 20 pack Firelighters for 82 cents a packet.These are the firelighters that are wrapped in plastic and you just light the plastic to get them going.
    Someone in Tesco scanned in the wrong barcode when doing the shelf price labels,as they should have been 4 euro a packet.Lets just say that I cleaned up every packet off the shelf,20 packets to be precise.
    Next day I want back for some more and they were scanning at 4 euro.
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  7. ajapale

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    Aldi gin is very nice and costs €14 vs €20 for branded gin.
  8. pudds

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    Frozen blueberries in Aldi are rotten, by that I mean most are tiny, half ripe, shrivelled up and bleeding, tastless and stringy, ended up throwing them out. Must be zero quality control where ever these are picked from.:eek:

    gone back to the fresh ones.
  9. tessar

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    Lidl - Meadow Fresh - Green Pesto, the one in the tub that comes from the fridge.
    I bought it this week and used it the same evening, as I used it I thought, hmm this is weird, I mixed the pesto and the pasta and thought the pasta was really slimey. I just thought to myself that I had not drained the pasta properly and my pasta meal was disguisting.
    Made another pasta dish tonight and used the rest of the pesto, made sure I drained the pasta properly this time, mixed it with the pesto and again it became a disguisting slimey mess. As soon as the oil warms up it becomes really thin and becomes like water, and it just collects at the bottom of the bowl. It does not stick to the pasta at all and I just thought what the hell is going on here??? I read the ingredients and discovered that the pesto is not made with olive oil at all but made with rapeseed oil. How annoying!!!!! I have to say it was one of the most disguisting meals I've ever tried to eat, the oil just runs and drips off the pasta. YUK!!! You have been warned. Dont believe me, just but it, because for 1.89 its worth a test I suppose.

    I know that rapeseed oil is being sold all over Ireland as it is grown in Ireland but please dont pass this slimey horrible mess off as pesto.!
  10. cork

    cork Frequent Poster

    Any views on muesli of Lidl/Aldi?
  11. europhile

    europhile Frequent Poster

    I like Aldi's Really Nutty Muesli. No added sugar. And natural sugars lower than most other mueslis.
  12. cork

    cork Frequent Poster

    Any decent shampoo at lidl or aldi?
  13. John Sipos

    John Sipos Registered User

    Coffee isn't good either!
  14. John Sipos

    John Sipos Registered User

    Aldi is selling 700ml captain morgnas for 20 quid