PTSB What to do when you receive the letter for the permanent tsb redress scheme

Brendan Burgess

I have read the letter twice now. Most people will get completely confused by it. Maybe they will get annoyed by it. So you can do the following today and read the full letter and decide what to do later.

1) Skip to page 12 Mortgage Rate Instruction Form

Tick Option 2 Tracker Interest Rate
Sign and date the form

2) Go to Page 13 Payment Authorisation and Account Adjustment Form

Tick the first box if you want the payment to be made to the account from which your mortgage payment is made.
Tick the second box if you want it to be paid to a different account.
Sign and date the form.

Signing and returning these forms does not affect your right to appeal.
You will be paid the compensation on offer and moved to the interest rate specified. However, if you are not happy with them, you can still appeal and you will not lose the compensation offered.

Make sure that all mortgage holders sign the forms