What to do if you suspect an executor is mismanaging money

Discussion in 'Wills, inheritances and gifts' started by Cheryl S, Nov 23, 2016.

  1. Cheryl S

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    I have a major question. An aunt died, there are 8 people slated to inherit her estate, split equally. Now one of the people due to inherit is the executor. The aunt left several policies in this executor's name with the intend that its all go into the estate to be split, which she should have made the estate the beneficiary. Now this executor and all 7 of the other people to inherit all know that her intentions were not for the executor to keep the money, which is exactly what he did. Can anything be done about this?
  2. emeralds

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    Did your aunt's will state that the policies were to go to the estate? Or did she just tell people that was her intention?
  3. mathepac

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    In other words have you seen the will or that portion of the will that pertains to you?
  4. Bronte

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    Seems to be a bit of a contradiction there. If the deceased had the policies in the executor's name than it would imply that the deceased intended the executor to benefit.

    I presume the executor had a special relationship with the deceased?
  5. john luc

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    My 2 cents worth from the few wills I have being involved with is if there is no mention of these policies in the will then they are for the benefit of the person listed on them. You don't make clear what these policies are but you would need to read the will first.