what offer to make


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hi all.
we spotted a house in glyntown glanmire in cork we want to buy.
were first time buyers, its a new development, 3 bed semi, great area, own drive way, big front and rear gardens with the sun in the back in the evening.
the asking price is 270 at the moment, they came down recently from 295. im wondering what offer should we make.
can anyone give us an idea. we were thinking 240 or was that totally incorrect? alot of the houses in the park are sold already.
thanks in advance


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I'd offer considerably lower, say €210,000. It might sound outlandish but in the current climate you just dont know. A friend of mine just bought a house and offered €40k below the asking. The offer was accepted with very little fuss at all. They are now kicking themselves that they didnt go in lower. The worst that can happen is that they say no and that you make another offer. But be confident when making your offer. Make it sound like you are doing them a huge favour


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I agree with kushrova. 240k is still too much. I'd start at 190k and go up from there. There are so many houses out there - it's a buyers market.

A quick browse on daft.ie will show you what's on offer. There's a 3-bed detached bungalow there for €225k - more than likely they'd take less than that.

Don't rush in to anything.


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Ah jees!

We only sold our house in Glyntown a couple of weeks back. You could've saved us auctioneer fees taking our one! Lovely area. Looking to buy a bigger house in the same area now.

Bang me a PM when you get a chance. I can let you know what's what on the Glyntown scene! ;)