What is the quickest way to get an NCT?

Discussion in 'Cars, cycling and transport' started by Brendan Burgess, May 9, 2011.

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    I rang today and they told me that they couldn't do a test until July. My NCT expires in late May. They then told me I could ring up at any time and ask for a cancellation.

    I would be using the Deansgrange Centre, but I presume I could go to another Dublin based centre either.

    I presume that if I have a date, although my NCT is expired, the Garda would be unlikely to push it.
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  2. Complainer

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    I was able to get one within two weeks by going to Greenhills instead of the nearer Deans Grange one.
  3. username123

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    I found Fonthill very handy to get a booking time for when I did mine last year. It says on the site
    Have you tried ringing them to see what they say?
    If you cant get a test within 4 weeks it should be free according to the NCT charter: http://ncts.ie/customer_charter.html:
  4. Time

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    Ring them at 8am each morning and ask for a cancellation. You will get a quick test that way.
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    on the website you can choose a time and centre... usually 2 weeks in advance... Also remember you can take your car in 6 months early which then gives you a 2 year 6 month nct good when selling..
  6. Brendan Burgess

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    I called just now and got a test for the 25th May in Fonthill.

    I will be a few days without the NCT, but that's not too bad. I have the booking confirmed to my phone, so if I am stopped, I can show it.
  7. Time

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    That will be ok. Normally they will confirm with a letter also. You can show that to the Gardaí.
  8. sse

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    It's six months in advance for the first NCT, three months for subsequent tests. Still a good idea though!

  9. truthseeker

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    A friend booked recently and was told she would be sent a text message not a letter.

    Actually, reading this thread, it appears there is a lot of confusion among people about the various details of nct.
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    I booked for Greenhills Rd three days ago,and got a booking for Sunday 18th Jan.The trick is to go online afte 11.30,when cancellations are released.
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    I rang up for a relative. I mentioned the 'free' test if not given a date within 30 days. Lady on the phone said that's I'd get date within a week ..... I got the date by text on working day 7. She had mentioned that I wouldn't be getting to the stage of getting a free test. She was right!
  13. Sue Ellen

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    Exactly what I found some time back.
  14. Grizzly

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    My NCT is due end of July. I contacted them today and there is only one opening on the 8th August next. Appointments are not really available until around the 18th August. They seem to be running behind by about 9 weeks.
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    The service might be outsourced, but it's managed by the Public Sector, who are generally on holidays from end May to start September.
  16. Purple

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    That's a bit harsh, even by my standards! :)
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    That's completely inaccurate and given that they get on average 25 days (5 weeks) holidays per year, not possible. If you're talking about Term Time, that's unpaid and cannot be considered holidays.

    Anyway, back on topic. Your NCT is free (including retests) if they cannot give you an appointment within 4 weeks.

    Source - https://www.ncts.ie/customer_charter.html
  18. DMcL1971

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    A couple of weeks ago I went online to book an appointment (my NCT had expired a few days before). The earliest appointment offered was in August. However there was an option on screen that stated something along the lines of 'If this date is further than 4 weeks away you can request an earlier appointment by clicking here.' I clicked the link and was informed that I would be contacted. A couple of days later I received an SMS confirmation of a test date exactly 4 weeks from the day that I logged in.
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    Quick one guys,

    If there are extra lights on you car in this this front fog lights do they have to be working when going to the nct, I'm getting a few different answers from people. I'm just hoping someone on here can give me a stonewall yes or no.
  20. vandriver

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    Method of Testing
    1. Check that each auxiliary lamp fitted is securely and correctly fixed to the vehicle.
    2. Check that the switching mechanism is functioning correctly and that any auxiliary lamps set in the headlamp main beam
    position are extinguished when the headlamp dipped beams are brought into operation.
    1. Where auxiliary lamps are found to be inoperative, this should not be considered a reason for failure.
    2. A broken glass on an auxiliary lamp or fog lamp is not a reason for failure unless the crack or break is
    large enough to insert a sheet of paper as used in the test.