What is the minimum income needed to get a mortgage

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    I called up KBC and for a joint it seems to be around the €40,000. It changed with dependents etc

    But, I'm just trying to get the lowest amount required to get a mortgage from any bank that you know of.

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    There's no minimum salary as such, it's down to the amount you have left to live on each month which is why it varies with dependents.
    Roughly (each bank has their own calculation):
    A single person needs about 1500 per month, after mortgage.
    Increase by 500 for each adult, and about 250 per child.

    Are you first time buyers? The rebuilding Ireland home loan might be an option if you've low salary.
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    We're just spit balling here. It's a pity because we have a solid deposit but I quit my job to take care of the lil hooman so now we're renting and the rent would be 3x the amount of a mortgage repayment. Guess we'll need to wait until I get back to work, wait a year and then reapply