What is the best make of stove for 7/8KW output

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    I am planning on installing a new free standing stove(Non boiler) that needs to put out 7/8 KW

    I have come across the following makes

    Nestor Martin
    Henley Stoves
    Clear View Stoves

    Has anyone installed any of the above or any others and if so what is yours thoughts

    I was told a lot of Stoves are now made in China, they are not reliable.

    Any comments are welcome

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  2. Palerider

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    We have a Stanley Erin with boiler on a number of rads and double rads, possibly too many, we use gas to bring the rads up to temp and the stove is efficient then at keeping heat up, it is not wonderful at getting rads hot otherwise, that said we are happy with it, we find bleeding and balancing the system often does helps. The overnight burn is a useful feature we use a lot, house is toasty, the Stanley is made in China as far as I know.

    We have a smaller Henley in another room non boiler and it is very good as a room heater, doors must be left open.
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    I have the black smith bellows. Heats my kitchen 26 ft by 12 ft . No problem to it, i have it 10 years and would happily recommend it . It's 8kw with no back boiler .
    I also have an aarow I 400 that's rated at a 6kw . It's not a stove I could recommend.
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    Hi, had a Stanley Cara insert stove put in many years ago and it's great - no issues with it...
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    I have a multi-fuel Nestor Martin stove for the last 9 years and I'm haven't had a problem so far. It was installed at a previously open fire location - with a few foot of flexi-flue extending up the chimney and sealed.

    I’m about to buy coal soon and would appreciate feedback on experiences. ATM, I'm using Supertherm smokeless but have also used Super blend, Homefire stoveheat premium coal. Other stove users have recommended anthracite, smokeless ovoids, Polish coal, economy ovoids, wood /logs etc. for a multi-fuel stove but honestly I'm not sure what's best. Any experienced feedback welcome. Thanks.