What drives the "compensation culture" ?

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    Personally, I was shocked, when I heard this on the radio news this morning...


    after reading more on it, I felt anger, disgust and then a "why" moment...
    Understandably, everyone involved that day were shocked, it would be difficult not to be affected by such very tragic events, but why is there a sense of entitlement for compensation?
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    What Blueband said.

    People see the chance of a payout for themselves.
    The Legal industry, the real Govt of Ireland, see a chance to make inflated fees and get a piece of the payout.
    Judges encourage the whole merry-go-round through large awards, much higher than in other countries. This keeps their former colleagues in the Legal industry happy.
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    I'm reserving judgement in this specific example until the situation becomes clearer... through no fault of her own, this person was caught up in a highly stressful situation.
    For all we know, she's had PTS and missed work and had loss of earnings and\or expensive medical bills.
    If negligence on the part of a third party is the cause of that, she is entitled to purse them for that.

    If she was in a serious accident caused by a drunk driver or negligence on the part of the county that generated PTS, wouldn't she be fully entitled to claim for damages under third party liability cover?
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    Same as that. I suspect is somewhat more complicated beyond the tabloid headlines. My understanding is that it is Donegal Co Co that is under scrutiny here and possibly liable for damages.
    If someone has suffered a trauma - and I cant even imagine the horror that was witnessed that fatal day - then its only reasonable to consider what measures were taken (or not) to try avert such a tragedy.
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    A big payout is a proven method of removing trauma.
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    The main Reason:- Greed