What does the Council do with luxury apartments?

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    I was sent this cutting from a newspaper

    So, the Council has acquired properties at 20% of their market price.

    What do they do with them?

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    Is that a rhetorical question?

    They're used for social housing.
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    that albany development hasnt gone well for them, its still half empty, i didnt realise they were stuck with social in it as well,

    so million quid houses in the heart of ballybrack with social housing as well

    who would buy there?
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    Often the council are paid an in-lieu price but do not take ownership of apartments in 'plush developments'.
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    3 & 4 Albany House (the units DLRCoCo bought) are the two small units built by subdividing the old coach house of the main Albany House (which itself has been split into two "luxury" units).
    3 & 4 are both 2 beds. Per the planning application one is 100sqm while the other is 83sqm.

    The houses going for €1mm are all 200sqm+ 3-5 bed houses.
    DLR got 2 of 22 units in the development.
    The houses look like they've a great finish but the location is terrible IMHO.

    Per Blackcrock1's post above, it looks like Albany has been a total disaster for Cairn - only 3 out of 20 private market units are listed on the PPR when the scheme was launched in May 2016 (per the Irish Times). That is a fiasco.
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    Yes looks to be finished very nicely but no amount of marketing can get past the actual location
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    The Urban Regeneration and Housing Act 2015 removed the option for developers to provide a cash payment in lieu of social housing.
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    In my experience, it is difficult to find any new development that isn't referred to by the developer as "luxury"......

    I would imagine the reduction in sales price is partially there to reflect a lower standard of fit-out that is felt necessary (i.e. no gold taps or whatever the bling-du-jour feature is these days) by the council.

    To answer your question, I would guess they intend to house people in them, or maybe you think they shouldn't?

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    What comes to my mind is an old saying I first hears years and years ago

    No matter how smart and talented you think you are there is always someone better than you at your best game and with a house it is not only about you but also about your accompishments

    There is good and bad envy never let the bad type eat you up,

    If they have moved in I wish them a very happy Christmas and New Year in there new home ,

    I will quote Harry Truman
    All will concede that in order to have good neighbors , we must also be good neighbors, that applies in every field of human endeavor,
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