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    My quote from the AA for cover through aviva was for €490 fully comp including NCB cover and my wife on the policy. That for a 2007 zafira.
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    Not sure if it was here or somewhere else I read that adding someone on reduces the cost, I knew I had tried this before but anyway I was talking to AXA today and they confirmed it would reduce my cost by €50 but it had to be a spouse!
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    I am insured with Caoga since last April. On changing my car on the 24th I rang the company to do substitution and next day received an insurance cert & disc only dated to 3rd of November. They requested a copy of the tax disc so I rang to ask why and was told insurance companies now require this! Since the insurance is with AIG I rang them and they would give me no information but said it may be an arrangement with the underwriters and Caoga. Rang Caoga again and pointed out that I will not have the tax book by the 3rd of November so the girl told me she would issue another temporary disc to the end of November. I did point out that they had a premium from me paid up until April 2018, we had a contract and they were not complying with the terms of the contract. All I got was that they had to follow the guidelines. I am really annoyed and wonder if anyone else has had a similar problem.
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    Were any of these guidelines documented in the T&Cs available to you prior to signing up?
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    While I think that a list of contacts for motor insurance quotes would be very useful, I think the nature of the business is such that various providers can be more or less competitive depending on their desire to grow their market share at a particular time. As such, this thread could go on for ever, with extremely different experiences for the different insurers or brokers being reported. Perhaps the solution is a thread for each entity where discussion on that entity can take place, all linked back to a master thread where the various parties can be categorised (i.e. brokers or insurers, specialist for commercial insurance, target markets etc.) ?

    FWIW, I have been with Chill for about 3-4 years now, prior to that I was with for a similar period. Found each one competitive initially, but then took to increasing my premium each year, despite me having an additional year of accident free driving, no points etc. I think the entire insurance business is the same, they all seek to push up your quote year on year, once they sign you up. Different operators compete more or less aggressively for new business, depending on their desire to grow their business at a particular time or depending on their current level of claims in various sectors of the motor insurance market. Ultimately, we are forced to search far and wide every year, to try and overcome these challenges and I cannot ever see that changing tbh.
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    The company won't admit it, but its probably got to do with their 'risk intelligence' system. Companies are more and more looking at what they see as moral hazard issues when covering people (so if a vehicle isn't taxed or NCT'd they start to think the client might be suspect). These systems fall down when you are simply changing your vehicle and their should be some leeway. Not saying I agree with any of this BTW just saying how it is.
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    No mention when I originally took out policy. I did the negotiations online, gave my details and those of the car and that was it. They told me last week they knew the last car was taxed. I cannot see why an insurance company think they have to police the tax on cars. It would not instil any confidence in me with regard to this particular company as they have my full premium since last April yet will not provide me with an insurance cert and disc up to next April until they get a copy of tax disc. I contend they are breaking their contract with me because of this refusal.