What about cases of a FTB buying with a STB?

Brendan Burgess

From the Central Bank rules:

"Where a borrower under a housing loan is more than one person and one or more of those persons has previously been advanced a housing loan, none of those persons is a first time buyer".

If an exception is to be made for first time borrowers, why not make it for couples where one of them is a FTB?

A couple of FTBs both aged 30 can buy a house for €300k with a €30k deposit.

If one of them had bought a starter apartment for €150k two years ago with a €15k deposit, that could scupper their chances of buying a house together as they would need €60k.



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Hi all,

To update on our situation. We had received Approval in Principal for an 83% mortgage.
However, in the last few weeks as the banks have clamped down on exceptions before we had formal mortgage approval, we now can only secure 80% mortgage maximum.