Weetabix 12 packs, Nescafe Gold Blend

Discussion in 'Supermarket shopping' started by mathepac, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. mathepac

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    SuperValue, Cashel

    12-pack Weetabix €1, making 5x12 or 60 Weetabix cheaper than the 48-packs on the shelves (if you like your Weetabix of course :cool: .

    Nescafe Gold Blend Coffee 200g €5 (new shape jar) making it cheaper / kg than either the 150g package or the 300g jar with 100g "free".

    Lots of other household stuff at the front near the checkouts own brand and branded. It's a big shop for a SuperValue.
  2. ajapale

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    thats just over 8c/bix Last week I bought a 48 pack in lidle for 2.88 thats about 6c/bix. They are usually about 10c in Dunnes/Tesco and the 48 pack is always cheaper/bix than 12/24/72.