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    We have to go to a Wedding in Rome in June.
    We intend to make it into our summer holiday so we will bring the 2 kids and the Aupair.
    Anybody got suggestions on where to go what to do?, spend a few days in Rome and then head off somewhere.....
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    See it and move on

    Went to Rome 5 years ago. A rather nice city in terms of sights, ruins, Vatican, Colisseuum etc. But you'll see all you need to see in about 2-3 days. After that you will begin to notice how fast, dirty and unfriendly it is.

    My suggestion is to travel to the Tuscany region and spend more time there. Beautiful!
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    Re: See it and move on

    Rome is fabulous. went last October and thoroughly enjoyed it/ Mainly the sights, walking a lot, loads of fabulous churches etc. Hotels pricey and basic. Restaurants average. Would not bring the kids there and mine are ages 9 - 14. I suggest spend a day or two sightseeing and do as suggested above - head out to Tuscany or any area around. Check camping brochures for good family sites.


    Slim 8)
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    Visited Rome last May and although I enjoyed the sights, I would never go back. Thought the place was filthy, expensive and quite dangerous in parts.

    30 Minutes South of Rome, Frascati is a lovely place to visit for a couple of days and from there you can visit Castelli Romani, which houses the Popes Summer Residence (very romantic and authentic) as are the other little hill towns of the region. If you visit Castelli Romani, be sure to visit Restaurant Bucci in Hotel Bucci, the food is fabulous (my favourite ever) , inxpensive (€42 approx. for dinner for two including wine) and the view from the terrace unbelievable. It doesnt get more romantic than that. I always intend going back there.

    Further up the coast towards Naples Sperlonga is a beach resort frequented by locals and has an old town and new town. The old town is a series of buildings set on a hill and involves lots of little twisty pathways. It is quite expensive there.

    We spent 10 days
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    Re: Rome

    ...sounds a bit like Dublin. Maybe that's why I love it!
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    Its dirty, dangerous, dear and definitely a place to see.
    Just do not fly Ryanair and you should enjoy it.