Watch thread without being asked for alert type

Discussion in 'How to use Askaboutmoney' started by dub_nerd, 10 Feb 2019.

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    I watch a lot of threads on AskAboutMoney. However, it would be impossible to watch every new individual message as the number of alerts would be overwhelming. Instead I have set up a watch on each forum, like the following for the "How to use Askaboutmoney" forum:


    This gets me an alert for every new thread, then if I want to watch new messages on a given new thread I must visit the thread and select "Watch thread". The problem is I then get another pop-up to ask if I want emails or alerts:


    I do this often enough that it's a bit of a pain, as by default I'd like the same alert/email setting as I chose for the forum. I don't support there's any way to make that happen automatically?