Washing machine not performing spin dry - clothes soaking wet

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  1. crumdub12

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    Was wondering if anyone has ideas

    Tricity Bendix Washing machine is washing clothes, but not performing spin dry - clothes soaking wet.

    Checked internet and says check Drain motor filter, and drain motor ... if not, then the main motor or control board.

    Anyone help here ?
  2. alexandra123

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    You need to look under the washing machine to see where the motor is. Take it apart and see if anything is stuck in it.If nothing is stuck - then I suggest you replace the motor. They are not that expensive.

    It might be cheaper in the long run - if you call a tech guy out. They should be able to put parts in and take them back out if they are not the problem, but if you buy them in a shop you cannot take them back.

    I went from the same problem - and I ended up replacing the motor and the board. It was the board that wa faulty.
  3. crumdub12

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    Nice One Alexandria

    What type of money do they charge for repairing .. call out etc ..

    If motor or CB needs replacing, maybe cost efficent to replace machine
  4. Sue Ellen

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    A few things:

    Have you downloaded the manual and see what it says

    Be careful in arranging to get someone out to see about repair if the machine is a few years old

    Youtube may be able to help

    You could try ringing somewhere like www.mastercare.ie to seek their advice/costs for repair

    I will have a root around on AAM as their are two websites that I used to recommend for washing machine repair.

    Update: found them

  5. crumdub12

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    Appreciate your help on this, think I have all information now to tackle issue

    Again thanks

    KARENJ Registered User

    maybe there is a sock or some thing stuck in the drain pipe , there might be a black waste pipe about 3 inches wide that may be blocked .

    or the filter on the front of the machine may be clogged with fluf , it should be cleaned once a week to make sure its free of bits and pices !!!
    just a few ideas !
  7. Slim

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    This has happened us with several machines. It is always the bushes and cheap to replace. Get your local WM fixer to look at it.
  8. newirishman

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    +1 on this. Clean the filter first (easy to do - check the manual) before you spend any money on a repair.
  9. thumbelina

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    I also agree with the suggestions to clear the filter, we had a similar problem and there was a coin stuck in the filter. Took it out and everything worked perfectly again.

    (I think filter is what I am referring to - on our machine it was a small circular handle down the bottom that you turned to manually empty the water out. Be careful - this will dump water all over the floor if the machine is filled with water)
  10. SparkRite

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    It is NOT always the brushes and is certainly not the brushes in this case, as we know the motor is working under full wash load (as stated in OP).

    Fully agree with other posters regarding pump/filter/blocked drain hose.

    Check those out before spending a cent.