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Is it a good idea to use a VPN. I don’t like the idea that my browsing history is available.

Are VPNs effective ? What do they cast ? Are they likely to cause my problems with viruses etc.

Any info. suggestions welcome


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Who are you trying to hide your browsing history from? The police can get access to your ISP and can track via them to the VPN provider ... whether they can force the VPN provider to give up your browsing history depends on whether the VPN keeps logs, which you can't be sure of. Depending on your VPN's location and bandwidth it may also slow down your internet access. On the other hand, it might give you access to geofenced services like BBC iPlayer. The police can also access your emails, although it requires a warrant and possibly an international warrant. In general you are better off assuming that all online activities can be traced, even if the actual traffic between you and a website is encrypted.


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VPN have many uses not just your browsing history.
Its main use could be security if you are on public wifi etc or security if you are at home also.
Hackers will find it harder to penetrate a VPN
Online banking etc comes to mind.
VPN cost may depend on what you use it for so may define which one you need. Express and Nord are high on the list
Some may have more server choice and less stream breakdown if streaming.
You would want to be doing something serious for the police to be bothered with you. Many VPN providers do not keep logs etc.


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In general you are better off assuming that all online activities can be traced, even if the actual traffic between you and a website is encrypted.
I would agree with this, and to be honest the level of tracing is only increasing over time. If you want to stay 'safe' the only true means is to abstain from all internet activities.
However a VPN does offer an additional layer of security above a standard ISP service, and does offer a level of additional encryption of the data in transit.
I use one most of the time, but occasionally I have to disable it as the performance drops off too much and my patience levels match it !


Do some research before choosing a VPN also, all aren't created equally, and the free ones are likely best avoided.


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As advised above, VPN is an encapsulated tunnel , you connect to a server for all internet connections and they are your source point out, meaning people do not have your location

You need a layered approach to internet security, and question yourself who are you looking to block ... Hackers, Advertiser, Government etc

Harden browser, segregate functions, Work account from Play Account, use different browsers for both , close browsers regularly, clear cookies / history if appropriate

This is a good video regarding layered security


I use ProtonVPN, good company, and do not keep logs (if they are telling truth), also use OUTLINE , is a derivative of ShadowSocks




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Express vpn or Nord vpn are the best. They are outside 5 eyes countries. No logs, no browsing history, shared ip address. Both have chat support. Avoid vpn service based in US, UK and other 5 eyes countries. Australia has recently passed a bill to put backdoor on all vpn services in that country.

Also use browsers like Brave, which has lots of features against browser fingerprinting, TOR support, Site based javascript setting etc.