Virgin to increase prices again 2019

Discussion in 'Service Providers' started by Frank, Oct 11, 2018 at 9:29 AM.

  1. Frank

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    Just got a mail to say the price is going up in Jan
    I wouldn't mind I just negotiated a 6 month discount with the loyalty dept.
    It does say that seeing as the contract is changing customers can exit contract withing 30 days.

    In good news took a chance on the VM sim card for my personal phone for 5 a month for 5 months and the signal has improved over last time I tried.
  2. qwerty5

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    It's not within 30 days. My email says to give 30 days notice before 14th Jan.

    Happily for me Siro started up in my estate this year They're €25 a month for the first six months and €55 thereafter. I'll be switching to them. I'm not bothered for doing the virgin shuffle of saying I'm going to quit the service and then have them haggle a new price for 3 or 6 months.

    I'll switch to Siro now and if they mess about at the end of the contract I'll switch to virgin for a year or so to get the real discounted rates. Rinse and repeat.
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  3. dub_nerd

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    I also got the mail. The increase is 7% which is a fair bit given they seem to put it up every year or two. I've already trimmed my Virgin Media services back to broadband + phone, and the phone is just to maintain a number -- I use VoIP instead of using their line. Might eventually switch the phone number for incoming calls to, which allows call forwarding and voice mail delivered by email etc. For how I use the landline it's actually handier and cheaper. Will keep an eye out for Siro. It's nice to have competition. In fairness to VM they are a country mile ahead of all other broadband options right now.
  4. DeclanDublin

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    I got the email as well and signed up to SKY BB for €30 a month as opposed to VM €56 now and €60 in January. I had an old Eircom line and they're sending an engineer to reconnect it. Hopefully it not a problem as they say the line still exists. Speed is a lot lower than VM at max 80 MB compared to VM 240 or so, but, as SKY pointed out, you only need around 7/8 MB to run Netflix. We'll see how it goes. Personally, I think VM have lost the run of themselves with their charges. They offered €38 for 6 months then back to normal, I declined. I think over €600 for BB a yr is way too much.
  5. iamaspinner

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    I also got the email.

    I recently called Eir to get information on their broadband only service as it was (and still is) cheaper that Virgin's. It's also slower but I don't need top speeds. They told me that if I had to cancel my contract with Virgin they would pay the €200 cancellation fee.

    I then called Virgin and said I wanted to cancel as I was moving to another provider. After a few offers from them and "no thanks" from me they ended up offering me the €39 p/m for 6 months deal for new customers (including a landline I don't use), which I took.

    After the 6 months I will re-evaluate. It's good to know that your new provider will pay any cancellation fees to get your custom. I wonder what they're not telling me!
  6. mugsymugsy

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    Word of warning over EIR get everything in writing before you sign up. Heard horrendous stories of deals being offered and then getting stung later on.
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  7. dub_nerd

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    I agree VM broadband is pricey, but it's not really comparable to landline offerings. Although a few people will get the full 100 Mbps out of those "up to 100 Mb" offerings, most won't. My old Eircom line with "up to 100 Mb" actually provided 2.5 Mbps, whereas VM actually deliver their stated 240 Mbps.
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  8. Sue Ellen

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    Wouldn't touch them at all. Horror stories all over the place. Elderly neighbours were told that EIR would contact Virgin on their behalf to do the switch which they couldn't do as contract still in place and householder can only do this themselves. There was no offer at that time for Virgin to waive contract fee. Solicitors letters arrived with interest added so they had to settle for nearly €500 after many months. Dreadful service on telly and when they contacted the call centre phone was hung up on a few occasions.
  9. DeclanDublin

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    I'm somewhat concerned around the Eir line and BB speeds. The bloke I spoke to in SKY said that my line was capable of around 85 MB, so we'll see what happens and I'll report back on both. I was happy with VM but the constant push to increase the price was annoying. I accept they had an expensive outlay on infrastructure, but averaging out bills of €600 + on BB is high compensation for the service. As an aside, has anyone used anyone else they would recommend other than VM & SKY?