Virgin Mobile Ireland billing


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Just become aware that my Mom has been paying twice for her mobile account.

18 months ago she switched to a unlimited monthly package with Virgin Mobile Ireland for 5 euro for the first 5 months, after 5 months the bill increased to 25 euro per month.

She has being paying by direct debit, once or twice she tried to access the Virgin Media website initially to view the bill, couldn’t log in and gave up, promptly forgetting about it.

Long story short, it turns out she has been paying for two mobile connections (two separate numbers), her monthly bill is 50 euro a month. Both numbers were invoices on the one bill.

This other mobile account has never been used nor as she access to it.

My Mom naively assumed that the 25 euro offer had been increased to 50 euro and thought no more of it. I emailed Virgin Media and there only offer was to cancel the extra unused account.

The phantom mobile has never been used and so far cost over 300 euro. Is there any where to go with this?


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Well the first thing I would ask for is a copy of the contract for the 'phantom' number and take it from there.