Virgin Media offers an existing customer €30 per month discount out of the blue

Discussion in 'Phones, DVDs, TVs, Audio/Visual' started by Duke of Marmalade, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. MrEarl

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    Hi Duke,

    Good to hear that your coverage problem is sorted out, that plus a small monthly saving still goes down as a win my friend.

    Don't forget to put a note in your diary, or a reminder in the calendar on your phone, to call them again this time next year.

    .. now, on to your various other household bills to see what else you can save some money on ;)
  2. HollyBud

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    I was paying €94 for TV including SKY Sports and multiroom - i just rang and they offered it to me for €52.50 for 6 months and €84 for the final 6 months of a 1 year contract.
  3. tallpaul

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    Might be a bit late now, but the better plan with Sky is to threaten to cancel and let them offer you a deal - it is usually for 6 months. Then in six months time rinse and repeat!! You will almost certainly keep only paying the €52.50 price all year long.
  4. DeclanDublin

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    Agreed. It really is a case of cat and mouse with service providers. You have to be prepared to play s bit of hardball and put in a bit of time.
  5. Duke of Marmalade

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    Today I phoned Airtricity. I am out of contract since September. They immediately gave me a 20%/16% discount on my electricity/gas plus some free climote thing which will allow me control the heating remotely. I have myself to blame for not being on top of these things. All the same these guys probably have in their charter that they act in the best interests of the customer.
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    Great to see you've kept the momentum going.

    Dare I suggest that you hop onto one of the price comparison websites, then start working your way through the various service providers ? :)

    ...this is something that absolutely everyone should be doing btw, and on an annual basis !
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  7. Up Rovers

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    Had a quick read over the thread and hope that I didn't miss the answer to my question :)

    Rang them about my mother's account this morning (nominated contact) and they would not allow the 50% discount that they normally sanction. They said that the 50% is no longer allowed two years in a row which is a new company policy and would only allow €10 off the television. Has anyone else come across this recently or do I just ring back a few times to see if I get somebody sympathetic to an OAP?
  8. MrEarl

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    From a tactical point of view, I would put my mother on the phone for the first moment or two, then have her ask them to speak with you and hand over the phone for you to continue the conversation. You may find that the "nice old lady" on the phone, may draw more sympathy from them.
  9. Gordon Gekko

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    Having been with both Virgin and Sky, I could never leave the latter. Sky Q just blows Virgin’s product out of the water.