Virgin Media offers an existing customer €30 per month discount out of the blue

Discussion in 'Phones, DVDs, TVs, Audio/Visual' started by Duke of Marmalade, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. MrEarl

    MrEarl Frequent Poster

    Hi Duke,

    Good to hear that your coverage problem is sorted out, that plus a small monthly saving still goes down as a win my friend.

    Don't forget to put a note in your diary, or a reminder in the calendar on your phone, to call them again this time next year.

    .. now, on to your various other household bills to see what else you can save some money on ;)
  2. HollyBud

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    I was paying €94 for TV including SKY Sports and multiroom - i just rang and they offered it to me for €52.50 for 6 months and €84 for the final 6 months of a 1 year contract.
  3. tallpaul

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    Might be a bit late now, but the better plan with Sky is to threaten to cancel and let them offer you a deal - it is usually for 6 months. Then in six months time rinse and repeat!! You will almost certainly keep only paying the €52.50 price all year long.
  4. DeclanDublin

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    Agreed. It really is a case of cat and mouse with service providers. You have to be prepared to play s bit of hardball and put in a bit of time.