Viking Direct - next day delivery problems

Brendan Burgess

I needed a couple of USB sticks.

Viking Direct's website said that orders before 5 pm would be delivered in Dublin the next day.

I ordered Thursday morning.

They sent me a tracking number which went to a dead page.

They did not arrive on Friday.
They did not arrive on Monday.
I emailed them today and I got a reply saying that they would be delivered by 6 pm today.
I followed up asking why they were not adhering to the promise made on their website.
They did not reply.
They were not delivered today either.

I have now cancelled the order and got the following message:

If they do arrive tomorrow, I will probably not accept them.

But it looks from this message that Viking have a policy of not collecting items of a low value which are returned.



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Please let us know if it arrives. I have one of the Cruzer 16 GB USBs and find them handy. Would likely order another. Don't need it urgently.


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In my experience (living in the sticks mind you) the vendors make promises that their delivery-men don't keep. To reduce costs, couriers will want to bundle deliveries to a specific location. There's no money in delivering small quantities of low-value goods from one side of Dublin to the other.

I can get a better delivery service and better pricing from vendors in the US, Germany and the UK than I can from Irish suppliers. Try pricing "Sam Henry's Songs of the People" in paperback from Easons and for example.

I haven't ever got any freebies though so maybe a policy review is needed!