Views on appropriate amount to spend on Christmas gift for godchild?

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  1. ci1

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    well even that I suppose but its nice to see the kids getting lots of presents.

    Maybe when they're a bit older that will work out better.

    I know my friend does it with her family and the kids aswell but she said she always ends up buying the kids something small also.

    So basiclly on Xmas day in my house I get a present from my Mother, yet I'm handing out a fortunes worth of presents. Doesn't really bother me on the day I suppose but trying to budget and make sure every kid is getting looked after is stressful.

    Gosh, I really do sound like scrooge!!
  2. batty

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    No they don't buy me anything!! I told the 20 year old to buy ME something this year (it's also my bday at Xmas). he said "he wouldn't know what to get" I suggested anything, a bottle of wine, box of chocs, plant - it needn't cost anymore than a tenner. BTW he's doing a FAS course & has more disposable income than I have.

    Am I being mean?[/ well if you're being mean I am too. I've drawn the line now. Once nieces/nephews reach 18 they only get a small token. I'm towards the end of a very large family so that's most of them now. Previously I was spending €50+ each - it doesn't sound a huge sum but when there's so many it adds up.

    I also jokingly (in earnest) tell friends/family that I've reached my quota of godchildren & i'm not taking any more applications.

    Ci - your sisters should at least get you a token for buying for your nieces & nephews.
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    No one needs that many presents. They get presents from their parents. That should be enough. If your a godparent send them a religious gift, or something with related to religion. No?
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    I think you are being exceptionally generous. I generally try to get a "family" present for the nieces & nephews (like a DVD, playstation game or a board game).
  5. batty

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    It all started when there was only one niece to dote on. Everybody had no mortgage, plenty of money. When the 2nd one came along it seemed mean not to buy the same for NO 2 and so it bulit ober the years......

    So for all those with 1 niece/nephew &/or 1 Godchild take heed the numbers will increase.
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    :D I can imagine - at the mo, I only have three nephews and a niece so they're all getting presents around the €40-€50 mark - I can see the amount going down a few euro once the two new additions to the family arrive!

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    Well I always tend toward clothes - a nice outfit and a small token, do find that parents always appreciated the outfit and it can be hard to keep kids in clothes!!

    I actually get my God Children one of the NEwbridge decoration each Christmas engraved with their name and the date eg
    25th December 2007.
    They love collecting them and seeing what one they are getting this year! They are 14, 5, 2 and 3 months(so 1st christmas)

    ALso ask the parents if there is anything they need, this year one of my Godchildrens (2 year old) asked me instead of outfit this year to give a voucher for a particular toy shop as she is hoping to purchase a swing.slide in the spring with all the vouchers from aunt & uncles also.

    But if you are looking for a figure - €20 - €40 is plenty!
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    Folks....thanks all for the constructive replies. Love the idea of the Newbridge decoration inscribed - something that can be retained for many years. Where can these be picked up....any decent jeweller?
  9. ci1

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    Apple1, its a fab idea and my sister is delighted with it because its something he'll always have.

    My friends daughter has one and she's 12 now and its taken out every year and hung on the tree! I think its a lovely keepsake to give someone.

    you can get them in carraig donn, or like you said any decent jeweller and if I'm not mistaken Arnotts, and Clearys have Newbridge Jewellery counters.
  10. Dsh130

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    Start a savings account and give book to the child on his/her holy communion or 18th bday - or else tell parents you put his/her name in with a good school!! (Priceless!)

  11. nesbitt

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    newbridge have their own shop now in Blanchardstown Cente, give them a ring and ask if this item is in stock.

    Wish I had a Godfather who cared enough to source a nice present and run the risk of seeming silly. Yep silly is good.;)
  12. OhPinchy

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    I'm looking to get a present for my guideson (not godson!). His first birthday is coming up and I'd like to get something that will stay with him for a long time. My godfather got me a fancy engraved silver letter opened. It sat on the mantle piece and always fascinated me as a kid not that I had a clue what it was, but I loved feeling responsible for it.

    So, something along those lines but maybe a bit more practical is what I'm after. Searching on here gave two good ideas: and engraved cutlery (though that might work out very expensive for the full set that would be needed to make it useful).

    My initial idea was to get some nice cufflinks with either his name (same length as John Smith) or initials engraved on it. Maybe he'll wear them on his confirmation or debs. My personal preference is always silver but I wonder should I go for gold? Also would appreciate any thoughts on a place in Dublin that does good quality simple style cufflinks.

    Wonder would it be best to have the engraving hidden on the back or pride of place on the front of a flattish silver/gold face (I'm thinking the latter)?

    Appreciate any other ideas too - I'm not concerned about cost but want it to be more about getting the right item that captures what I'm after than it is about getting something flashy.
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    Yeah same here, only my godfather didn't even stretch to buying me a book. I ended up having him as a teacher for the leaving cert - he certainly didn't 'gift' me good grades.
  14. coleen

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    I buy a prize bond for my god children so for birthdays and christmas they mount up. They may win but if not they can cash them in when they have amounted to a sum.
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    Good point ci1 and I confess the same thought has crossed my mind from time to time....Anyway back to the OP the Newbridge Silver is a lovely idea or as others have suggested ask the parents if there is something that they would like you to get.
  16. DeeFox

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    I think it is extraordinarily scabby of the parents of these children (your siblings) to not give you a present at Christmas!
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