Health Insurance Vhi - Smart Plan 500 - Tax Relief.


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My VHI is due for renewal SMART PLAN 500 €735.88 or €61.32 monthly. Am I entitled to any tax relief. I joined 2 years ago & up to now I haven't claimed. Sorry I dont understand the system very well!!


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Hi hillbloom,

If you have any medical bills/receipts, you can submit a claim via Med 1 form through
You can claim for the past 4 years, if you have medical expenses for each year, the refund is 20% of the total bill.

Tax relief on the VHI premium is already built in to the price of the plan when you sign up/or renew.
It is calculated at source by VHI, so no need to do anything.

Regarding claiming a refund for medical expenses through VHI Smart Plan 500, this plan has very limited day to day cover.
The first 250 is not allowed, which means that your total allowable medical expenses must exceed 250 before a refund applies.
You can submit a claim through the VHI App or by post within 3 months following your renewal date.

Regards, Snowyb
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