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Hi all,

I have received a renewal price from VHI for myself and two children for the next 12 months.

A year ago I changed my VHI policy to PMI5210, as it was recommended to me that it was a very good plan, comparable to what I was paying already.

So my 2022 Policy went from €1,800 to €1,900 approximately for the most recent year, however, my upcoming renewal quote for the same PMI5210 Policy is rising again by effectively €300, to €2,200.

Is this an extraordinary increase or not?

The kids come in at €380 of the total, with mine at €1,450 approx. Should we reduce the kids cover?

I am scratching my head at all this as I have a family member with a rolls Royce VHI scheme, and has been in a hospital of late, and no sign of any movement to semi-private facility there, and wondering what is private healthcare all about.

s this an extraordinary increase or not?

In light of the fact that there have been 3 increases over the past year €300 is probably average. I was paying €1,500 for my policy last year but am now paying approx. €1,800.

I've done a comparison on the HIA website and you will see that as expensive as your policies are the cover is not great. The 2 issues that stand out immediately are that there is only 60% cover for orthopaedic and ophthalmic procedures on your present policy. There is also a maximum allowance for your day-to-day cover of €1,000 which is quite low compared to other policies.

A far better policy is the one shown on the comparison PMI4316 which would entail an extra €85.77 between the 3 of you.

Dermot Goode of mentions that a figure of €1,400 would be an average good policy for an adult at the moment.

You should speak to both VHI and Laya and then look at their recommendations on the website and the VHI and Laya websites too to familiarise yourself with the cover they are offering. They may be able to offer cheaper policies for the children.
Sue Ellen, many thanks for this guidance and much appreciated, sorry for slack response! The context yiou've given means the increase probably isn't that bad.
Maybe look at PMI2410 and PMI4510 for your needs.

VHI have made some serious changes to PhysioCheck benefits. You only get €25 back on physio with no physio check in the latest benefits.