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  1. Smilie11

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    I have been with VHI for the last 6+ years and have never claimed back anything from them (in terms of filling out the form and sending back receipts to them). Does anyone know how far back I can go in terms of receipts from doctors etc?
  2. suzie

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    I'd say just the previous year...
  3. Sue Ellen

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    This thread might give some advice.
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    I think it is from the previous year.
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    Actually I think it is 2 years. They are quite loose in terms of this from what I've heard.
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  6. choccy

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    i've just done this too last week - they will let you go back to 2009 renewal date. but this is for short time only- they really tightening up and they will soon only pay within 3 months of renewal date for last year so get them in quick!