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What must you do when a policyholder has died?
From their website it seems you need the death certificate. If that’s the case will they refund payments from the date of death until the death certificate is available?
I'm not sure but after my father died I got a full refund from Laya, now I actually renewed his policy about 10 days before renewal date and unfortunately he died suddenly before the actual new policy had even started. They refunded the lot and I'm fairly sure I had to send in the death cert too.
My Mam & Dad had a joint policy with VHI. My Dad passed away one month in to the new contract. Sent them Death Cert. What they did was continue to charge the monthly premium via direct debit (for both lives) and at the end of the contract they refunded my Mam the 11 months for my Dad, and thereafter it became a sole policy.