Valuations in a separation case

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    I have a question about separation.

    Judge asks both person a and person b for joint assessment on property 1 and property 2.

    Person b informs person a that they intend to value property 1 and property 2 separately.

    Person a accepts this.

    Person b values both properties.

    Person a values property 1 but discovered that locks are changed on property 2.

    Person b refuses to allow person a to value both properties.

    Both persons a and b live at property 1, in different rooms.

    Person a has asked person b for keys for property 2 to value property 2.

    Despite the court order, person b tries to impose all sorts of conditions in order for person a's auctioneer entry.

    Both properties are marital assets.

    What should person a do?
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    In these type cases Judges do not look very favourably on unreasonable behaviour by a party.
    I suggest that you send a letter by registered mail to the other party requesting entry in order that you could comply with the Courts order. In the event of a refusal or no reply just wait until the next Court date and then inform the Judge of the position.
    Do not do anything rash or engage in any verbal confrontation
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