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I live in an old property that has had various renovations / improvements carried out over the years. I'm not happy that the various online house valuation calculators suit my situation. Can anybody recommend a south Dublin surveyor who can value my house for insurance purposes?


I don't have a recommendation I'm afraid, but I'm guessing it's a re-build cost you're after rather than a valuation?

Insurance companies don't care about valuation, just what it will cost to rebuild your house to the current standard should it burn down.


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As Leo says, its the rebuild cost that you need. Remember that BUILDINGS are the structure that you cannot take with you. CONTENTS are what you can take away. One Insurer I dealt with said that you should imagine your house being turned upside down. Whatever falls is CONTENTS and whatever remains in situ is BUILDINGS.

'Old' is a subjective term. It could mean a terraced house built in 1800's or a Tudor house build in Tudor times!

Onus is on you to have the sums insured correct.

One suggestion, would be to ask your broker/insurer to recommend a sum insured (in writing). That way, should a disaster ensue, you might have the protection of the document to pursue wither insure or broker?????