"Vacation, Vacation, Vacation" -TV3 show. Kirsty and Phil passed their sell by date?


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I was very disappointed with this new show about Holidays and Travel from Kirsty and Phil. The location was Ibiza. We saw a beach, a boat, a horseriding feature, the inside of a hotel but really nothing about Ibiza. The show could have been set anywhere. Kirsty and Phil passed their sell by date I wonder?


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I only watched a small bit of the programme & wasn't impressed either - I've gone off "Kirsty" anyway. The TV3 couple are so annoying that I can't watch it anymore - with all the flirting going on - I feel like telling them to "get a room", very disappointing


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These two, along with the likes of Neville Knott, are well past their sell-by.

They all got caught up in the hype around property, encuraging people to spend big, now they have nothing to offer, but due to the fact that they feel the need to still be on TV, have tried to reinvent themselves in another format.

The Vacationx3 idea ain't going to work. I only watched a bit of it, and feel that they are now acting more than presenting to try to give their shows a bit of something different. I also could not stand how, when they were having a chat, the camera had to hide in the bushes as if it was spying on a secret conversation.

Taxi for Kirsty & Phil methinks.


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Didn't his property finding firm go bust?

I happened to watch one of their shows for a while yesterday, I really couldn't decide who I loathed more, the presenters or the participants who just seem to use to show to tell the world how big a house they could afford.

Kirsty was way too fond of using one of my most hated phrases - Old-ey World-ey. BLARGH!

Still, it's not as bad as Grand Designs which brings out my killer instinct:mad:


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Eh, isn't it a Channel 4 programme ?

As for the presenter's sell date, that was years ago. Why are people still watching them ?