Vacating Judgment Mortgages after Insolvency completion

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    My husband and I were completed our Personal Insolvency Arrangement in October 2017.

    Part of this arrangement included the write off of 2 judgment mortgages secured against the family home for 2 business loans. We received the letter from our PIP in Oct. 17 confirming the Personal Insolveny Arrangements were fully implemented.

    I would appreciate if someone could advise me how long it should take Ulster Bank and Cabot Financial to remove their judgments from the family home. Our PIP informed both of them in October 2017 that are arrangements were completed and to take the necessary steps to remove the Judgments.

    Many thanks in advance.
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    I would write a registered letter to both institutions to find out why this has not yet been done. Did you ask the PIP how long this normally takes. Also get the letter that the PIP send to them and include it with your letter.