Using the same estate agent for selling and buying?


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We're looking to trade up to a bigger house in roughly the same area we already live in South Dublin. Should be getting AIP within next couple of weeks (all documents already submitted to broker). Haven't done anything about getting our house ready for sale yet though, it's an A rated new build(7 years old) so not much needs to be done with it besides a bit of painting and decluttering. Anyway we're thinking if we find a house we like would there be any benefit in proposing to the EA that if our bid is accepted they can sell our house. Is this just fanciful thinking?
I teased that out with some a number of years ago in Dublin and they weren't too interested. They have a legal obligation to act in the best interests of the vendor, so won't do you any major favours just to get your sale on the books.
Yeah that's my expectation alright. I suppose a benefit of not suggesting it is the EA won't know the details of my finances when it comes to bidding
@youcancallmeal - I did use the same EA for selling / purchasing a number of years ago, the only thing difference was that the house I was moving to was a new build as part of a new housing development.

I found it easier to deal with one in relation to selling / buying.

New house was a set price - so no bidding involved.