Using SumUP for Charity Bucket Collections

Rob S

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Has anyone any experience of using SumUp devices as an alternative to cash for Charity Bucket collections or similar?


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Have used SumUp for payments, though not a casual, bucket collection way as you are proposing.

There is a % charge for all payments; so the overhead might cut into your collection.


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The % is currently 1.69%, but not sure how it would work in terms of "bucket collection" but might depend on location.

If it was a specific crowd at an event and they were to make a donation, that could work.

I use it for Alumni events both to pay at the door, buy raffle tickets and also to book online in the customised shop you can set up.

I also another one for a Toastmasters club and it's used both for membership and also (when they start again) the nominal fee for tea and coffee at physical meetings.

It has moved leaps and bounds in the last few months and I think it is far better than PayPal for such situations


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I haven't used SumUp, but a typical way to do digital payments for charities is to advertise a small fixed donation and invite people to tap their card/phone. This can even be integrated into a bucket form factor, e.g. (which in that case also happens to use SumUp).

The other thing that's coming is accepting contactless payments on consumer phones with no special hardware needed. I'm not sure who will launch first in Ireland but it might be an interesting alternative. We'll probably start to see it first for food delivery/tipping or courier on delivery fees (it's crazy that UPS turn up and expect cash for import duties!).